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A few FAQ about Vidcode
What is Vidcode?

Vidcode is a coding platform for 4th grade and up! We provide free curriculum, highly visual coding platform and teacher support. The curricular approach enables students to create video filters, simulations, augmented reality, and other creative projects -- all while learning the fundamentals of computer science & web programming.
So what do students make?
Students code video filters, video games, special effects, celebrity name generators, haunted houses, simulations and more! Check out [examples of student work](
What’s included in the program?
Over 300 open-ended, online coding tutorials paired with standards-aligned lesson plans, practices, discussions, assessments and project ideas.
Is Vidcode effective?
Yes! Vidcode is research-backed. Vidcode is supported by the U.S. Department of Education's Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR). We are partnered with West Education. In our most recent study, Vidcode improved middle school students' comprehension of core computer programming principles after just 10 hours on Vidcode.
What’s the programming language taught?
Vidcode teaches K-12 computer science principles through a drag and drop environment that quickly moves into text-based programming with JavaScript.
Can I use Vidcode with other coding programs?
Vidcode has many standalone courses including our cross-disciplinary course, computational media course, intro to programming course and AP CS prep course. We also offer curriculum that can be
integrated into non-coding courses and maker spaces.
What courses do you offer?
Cross-disciplinary coding units, middle school computational media courses, high school intro to programming courses and AP computer science principles course prep. Get a course breakdown here.
Do I need to download a program to use Vidcode?

No downloads are necessary as the program is accessible through a website.
What do I need to run Vidcode?

Desktop or laptop, web browser (Chrome recommended), and an internet connection.
Can Vidcode run on a Chromebook or a Tablet?

Yes and Yes!