•  You know the size of your foot, but what about your environmental footprint?  

    Check out the Kids Page of Footprints Conservation Society for ways kids can help the earth.
  • Got a space nut at home?  
    Take a look at NASA's Image of the Day for photos of black holes, rocket launches, and other incredible pictures.  
  • Looking for a kid-friendly online dictionary and thesaurus? Word Central from Merriam-Webster also lets kids sign up to receive the Daily Buzzword.  
  • Make your own crossword puzzles and word searches with Discovery Education's Puzzlemaker, and quiz your friends and family!

    For long car trips, keep kids engaged with podcasts.  Find recommendations for great "kidcasts" at Zooglobble.

  • Fill out this short questionnaire and we'll put together a personalized book order based on your child's interests/reading level. Then wait for a call, stop by 2 pick them up, and you're ready 2 GO!

Looking for a fun activity for February break?  Join The Astonishing Andrew for a magic show sure to delight the whole family!  Sign up here